3 Ethics That Every Pharmacist Must Possess!

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There are a lot of jobs that come with big responsibilities but health care is the most important one of them. You are not only in charge of dealing with the business that you are working for but also for the health of the people. This job needs a lot of patience and tolerance. But above all, a pharmacist has to follow a specific code of ethics to legally do his job. Some of these ethical responsibilities could be stated as under.

Yale Mendelson (Greenbrier)

Double checking prescriptions:

If a person comes to your pharmacy and asks for a drug, you have a responsibility to make sure that the prescription that is shown to you is authentic. At times people get so desperate for getting some medicines that they end up forging the prescriptions. If a pharmacist is not vigilant enough to understand when he is being bluffed, he could face the legal consequences. It is the ethical duty of a pharmacist to make sure that the person actually needs that drug. You can always question your customer about it to be sure.  There are many cases in which precious lives were lost due to wrong assessment and it is important to double check the prescription.

Not selling the drugs illegally

There are many drugs that should be sold after getting permission from a licensed physician. At times people need to get a refill of their medicine but it is not advised by the doctor. If you come across any such situation as a pharmacist, do not be afraid to contact the doctor. Ask him or her about the medicine before handing it over to the patient. Pharmacists have to turn down many offers of extra money to give the patients an extra refill.

Abstain from inside trading:

Pharmacists have to deal with a moral and ethical dilemma when big pharma companies offer them money to promote their drugs. Any such practice could be life-threatening for the people. Another moral dilemma arises when some doctors want to conspire with the pharmacist so that they can recommend a lot of medicines to their patients. Later the doctor will return those medicines for money. Getting involved in any of these practices could end a pharmacist’s career.

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3 Ethics That Every Pharmacist Must Possess!unratedYale Mendelson2019-05-09 07:59:22There are a lot of jobs that come with big responsibilities but health care is the most important one of them. You are not only in charge of dealing w…

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