Effects of Sports on Mental Health

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Physical health and mental health both go hand in hand when it comes to living a healthy life. Commonly, people tend to focus majorly on their physical health and neglect their mental health because they find it seems challenging to be maintained. However, physical activities are found to be extremely helpful in this regard.

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Role of pressure and anxiety:

Focusing on the fact that teenagers go through extreme pressure and anxiety in this phase of their life, sports could be a really relieving physical activity for them. Teens usually have sports clubs at their schools or college and joining the teams and learning new sports can be really good for killing their leisure time as well as for their mental and physical health. Moreover, sports can enhance their self-esteem and teamwork skills and they can expand their social circle.

A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health states that students in grades 8th to 12th, who are associated with sports, tend to have lower stress levels and relatively better mental health as compared to other students. “Team sports offer a heightened emphasis on group goals, social support, and sense of connection that provide more opportunity for learning adaptive coping strategies that can be essential for long-term mental health”.

Importance of exercise:

Along with sports, exercise seems to be quite helpful for fighting depression too. In fact, researchers believe anti-depressants to be equally helpful as exercise. Surprisingly, another research later stated the results from exercise to last longer than anti-depressants. From these studies, exercise is a physical activity can be related to sports with even more amplified results. When a person is in middle of a physical activity, endorphins are released which helps in gaining more confidence, eliminating focusing issues, improving mental functionality, reducing stress, and gaining a higher level of self and life satisfaction.

Concluding all this, it can be said that teenagers can make their life incredibly better if they chose to give some time to sports. Associating teens with sports will ultimately give them a strong foundation for physical and mental well-being.

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