Everything You Need To Know About A Pharmacist!

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Pharmacists are experts in medicines and their usage. They use their knowledge of medicines to advise people on many issues like sexual health and smoking. The knowledge of a pharmacist plays an important role in successfully managing a medical condition. In addition to it, one can easily get to know these requirements by getting in touch with someone belonging to a network of pharmacists:

Multiple roles of a pharmacist:

Pharmacists have multiple roles. They advise healthcare professionals about different medicines and their uses. They tell about side effects of different medicines on each other. They advise about dosages. They also recommend prescriptions, how long they should be taken and when they should be changed. They also play an important role in manufacturing medicines. For example, in cancer treatment solutions need to be tailor-made under sterile conditions for individual patients. Pharmacists may choose to specialize in any of the above areas.

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Pharmacists are found in many fields. They work in hospitals and pharmacies. They work in supermarkets and retailer pharmacies. Some also work in health centers and provide services to many patients at their homes, privately. They also work as supervisors to other pharmacists in the manufacturing as well as packages and retailing of medicines. In other words, we can say that pharmacists are active in many parts of our lives in one role or another.

The general rule to become a pharmacist:

To practice as a pharmacist, one needs to get registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and then enroll in a master of pharmacy program. Alternatively, they can come through other programs too like BTEC, HND, etc. To become a fully qualified pharmacist, one needs to complete a 1-year period under the supervision and pass an exam. The pharmacist needs to be methodical, responsible, interested in other people’s good health and has good communication and customer skills. They also need to be able to work with any and every person regardless of their color, caste, creed, etc. They also need to obey the law and be good listeners. Once qualified, pharmacists join Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and keep their knowledge and skills up to date through continuing professional development (CPD).

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